Happy New Year!

As the first year of ADSF pulls to a close, we’d like to give a special thank you to all of you for your donations and words of encouragement. We know there are many other charitable needs in the world and we sincerely appreciate all of you who contributed to ADSF.

We created this fund because we believe everyone deserves an education and we know how daunting it can be to get a GED and start college on an 8th grade Amish education. As I look back on 2012, the fact that ADSF is in existence is what I’m most proud of. Now when you google “Amish Scholarships” as I did many times while I was a student, you will find us.

So here’s a quick recap for 2012: we were able to give away 2 $1000 scholarships this year to two very worthy students, Ruth and Marietta. It was such a joy to finally be able to help someone achieve their lifelong dream. We hope to give away 2 more $1000 scholarships later next year, so please encourage all your former Amish friends to apply when we start taking applications. If you know any former Amish that are interested in going to college but aren’t sure where to start, please send them our way.

We welcomed Saloma Furlong to the team and she is taking over the blog and helping us spread the word about ADSF. Thanks to all of you who have reached out and shared your stories of how you left the Amish and worked hard for your degree. It is so inspiring to read about your challenges and triumphs and I’m proud of you all! Thank you Saloma, for gathering these stories.

Naomi graduated from nursing school and just got engaged! Congratulations, Naomi! We wish you and Travis a life of happiness together.

In the coming year, we will be focused on raising more money for ADSF. We appreciate any help you can give. You can donate online or send a check and the money goes straight into the fund to ensure we can keep giving scholarships. If you have any suggestions for fundraisers or ideas on who might like to donate, please get in touch.

Wishing you all the best for 2013! Happy New Year!

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