ADSF Scholarship Winner #2

Thanks to Naomi’s hard work in organizing a fundraiser and our generous donors, we were able to offer two scholarships this year. We can’t tell you how thankful we are to those of you who offered us words of encouragement and donations for the fund. There is one lady in particular on my mind who I would like to mention. Naomi threw a hog roast fundraiser earlier this year and one of the first attendees wrote a $1,000 check for the fund. She grew up Amish as well and wished to help others who leave. I hope she reads this and knows how grateful we are.

picture of meI’d like to introduce our second winner of the ADSF scholarship. Her name is Ruth and she left the Amish many years ago in order to continue her education, but with no financial support, she found herself working full time and studying part time. During this time she met her wonderful husband and her duties as a wife and a mother took took priority for a while.

Finally, 14 years later she is close to finishing her goal. She wishes to use her education to help people and she’s studying Social Work and plans to work with teenagers. If she can scrape together the money to pay for her final classes, Ruth will be graduating in May, 2013. We wish her all the best as she finishes her educational journey and embarks on her career!

A dream is never too old to come true as Ruth has proven with her dedication to finish her degree despite life’s many challenges.

Once again, a special thanks to all our donors who are helping these students in need. Every donation helps us reach out to those who never dreamt a college education was possible. Please continue to spread the word and see to donate for our next year’s winners.

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