ADSF scholarship winner #1

We started working on this fund a long time ago and it feels amazing to finally reach our end goal and award the scholarship money to someone who is working hard to overcome the challenges of studying without parental support. If you come from an Amish background and wish to go to college, please get in touch with us. We are here to offer encouragement,  answer questions and to give you the chance to win the scholarship next year.

IMG_0757We will tell you a little bit about our scholarship winners so our donors know where their money has gone. Our first scholarship of $1000 goes to Marietta in Florida who is finally pursuing her dream of going to college. She is just starting out and we are happy to be able to offer her a little bit of financial support.

Marietta had no opportunity to go to high school or college growing up; in fact, she was teaching in a one room schoolhouse herself at the young age of 18. She remained a teacher for 11 years before she felt the need to find a personal relationship with God outside of religious traditions. She strongly feels that God has led her to start her journey in studying Business Management and she is excited to be working on her prerequisites. Thank you to all of you who have helped Marietta by donating to ADSF.

Please join us in congratulating Marietta in following her dreams to go to college. We hope her education is blessed with fulfilling achievements and knowledge.

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One comment on “ADSF scholarship winner #1
  1. Katie Troyer says:

    Morti, I knew she was in school but had no clue where the funds came from. Go for it, friend.

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