The Amish Descendant Scholarship Fund (ADSF) was founded to provide financial assistance and support to those coming from an Amish upbringing who have decided to pursue a higher education. Since the Amish only study to the 8th grade, it’s challenging for those who leave the community to resume their studies and we hope to offer a helping hand along the way.

How you can Help

ADSF was founded by a small group of former Amish with big dreams–to help other Amish and former Amish achieve their dreams of a college education. Together, we can make dreams come true!

There are several ways you can help us. If you would like to provide financial assistance please visit our donations page or click the Donate button at the top of every page. If you would like to volunteer your time and talents by organizing fundraisers, please visit our volunteer page. Last but not least, help us promote this scholarship opportunity by telling everyone you know!

Scholarship Status

We are now accepting applications for 2023. Please check if you fit the criteria and email your application to us before July 30th, 2023. The application can be found on the apply page.