Announcing our 2013 Scholarship winners!

What a difficult time we had choosing who should get the scholarships. We had such incredible applicants and of course – we just want to help them all! We ended up giving away $12,000 instead of $10,000 to stretch it a bit further. A hearty congratulations to the winners listed below. Please join us in wishing them the best as they move forward on various stages of their college education.

Lisa Yoder, Katie Borntreger, Sarah Borntreger, Lydia Miller, James Schwartz, Emma Gingerich, Barbara Gingerich, and Fannie Miller all received scholarships of various amounts. We will try to do blogposts about all of them in the future so you can learn more about them.

A few interesting stats about the applicants. 75% were women and the majority of them are studying nursing. It speaks to the caring nature of our culture to see so many women move into the nursing field. It’s also interesting that many of the applicants were women. Perhaps it’s easier for the men to make a living when they leave the Amish. All of them had very impressive stories, overcoming all sorts of hardships to seek their own life outside of the community and getting a higher education. Reading their stories made our efforts to raise this fund feel so worth it. We are inspired to work harder and reach even more people who need assistance. Hopefully someday we’ll have the ability to help them all.

Thank you very much for all your donations and encouragement. It’s been a wonderful journey so far and we couldn’t have done it without you.


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  1. Nancy Miller says:

    Congradulations winners!!! May God bless your journeys!!

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