We are overjoyed to announce that we now have $12,000 to award in scholarships this year! Because of generous donations, we can offer awards in increments between $1,000 and $5,000. We hope to build an endowment for the Amish Descendant Scholarship Fund, so that eventually we can use the interest for awards instead of the principle. This year, if there is a portion left over after awarding scholarships based on need, it will go into an endowment.

To our donors: First we’d like to give an exuberant thank you for your generous gifts. Because of you, young people who have left their respective Amish communities with an eighth grade education and have aspirations to go to college will be able to realize these dreams. Thank you for your generosity!

To potential applicants: In the coming days we’ll be posting the particulars about how to apply for these scholarships. If you feel so inspired, sharpen your pencil and write us your story. It will become part of your application.

To everyone: If you know of people who have left an Amish community who need financial support to attend college, please send them a link to this blog and encourage them to apply for a scholarship.

We appreciate all donations to help us realize our goal of building an endowment. Please help us spread the word. If you know of people who are philanthropic and passionate about education, please let them know that we’re here.

Help us to celebrate our gratitude and joy for these gifts. Spread the word!

If you have questions or comments about the fund, you can email Emma Miller:

Thank you for stopping by, and leave us a comment if you feel so moved. Have a joyful day!


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