Little by Little

I better update this blog to let you all know that we’re still here! Thanks to all of you who have contacted us through the form on the website. Your excitement and encouragement means so much to us. We’ve really enjoyed hearing from potential applicants who could benefit from this scholarship, it’s nice to find other former Amish who are seeking a higher education.

We are currently working to get an online payment system in place so it’s easier to make donations. After that’s finished we will focus on raising the money for the first scholarship. We have received some donations already and we’re very grateful for the generosity of our donors.

If you’re interested in helping with the fundraising, please let us know. We could also use some help contacting local education journalists who might be interested in writing an article about ADSFund. We have had some interest and done a few interviews and we’ll let you know when anything gets published. Little by little…we’re getting there!!

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4 comments on “Little by Little
  1. Thanks for the update Emma. I’ve been tweeting about your program & I also mentioned it in the Amish & Beyond group on fb. You are giving former-Amish hope and inspiration. Thanks for your vision.

  2. Interesting fund, had no idea some of the Amish wanted to go to college…………….Id like to invite everyone to a post I’ve just published honoring the TV show “Big Valley”, and also actor Peter Breck. Included with this post are 2 personal recipes that was sent to me by Peters wife Diane, so please stop by and say hello and share your memories of this classic TV show. Richard

    • Emma Miller says:

      We’re reaching out the the Amish who decided to leave the community and want to go to college; it’s very unlikely that someone who stays Amish would decide to further their education. The three of us grew up Amish and our education means a lot to us and we’d like to help make it easier for others.

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