Hi everyone, sorry for the gap since my last post. My final exams got pretty crazy and time just got away from me. I just finished the last one a few days ago and after a few days down on the coast of England, I’m back and ready to get to work!

We signed the ADSF paperwork a while ago and I’m afraid there has been a delay in wrapping up the process, part of that is because we have been too busy to follow up. I’m a little disappointed that this has not been completed yet, but I just hope that all is well and we’ll get back on track soon. I really don’t want to try and find another partner to do this with because it took us so long to find The Mennonite Foundation and they’re perfect for what we want to do.
I’ll get back on it tomorrow and keep you updated. Hopefully we will be moving forward shortly. Stay tuned…..
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