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Naomi, Will and I had a call with Jim at the Mennonite Foundation. This is really going to happen! Jim expects to have the paperwork ready to be signed in a week or so and then we can start. I know this has been a long process but it suddenly feels like it all happened so fast! I can’t tell you how happy we are!

We’ve created a ADSFund page on Facebook and we expect to do most of our marketing through that. It’s so nice to have these free social media tools in place because that means that all the money you donate gets to go towards the scholarship. If you want to help us, please “like” our page on Facebook and invite your friends to “like” it to. Will set up a Twitter account as well, so those of you in the Twittersphere are welcome to follow us. We will update you on the latest ADSFund news and tidbits.

I created a free website at Since we’re using the free version, it’s not that great, but I know people will understand that we’re trying not to spend the donated money. It definitely works for the purpose and if you’re ever looking for an easy way to put up a free website, it’s self explanatory to use. Anyone could do it. (Thanks, Weebly!)

After we start fundraising, we’ll still have plenty of work to do. We have to complete the application criteria and get that information out there for our applicants. We’re also debating whether we should set up PayPal or something in order to take online donations. They would take a cut, but it might be worth it. There’s lots of things to look into to. And let’s not forget that fundraising itself can take a lot of time!

But we’re really excited to get started on that part of the process. It actually feels like things are happening now and there’s a good chance we’re giving out our first scholarship this fall. Things are looking good!

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